Ripollsworkshop Reads

Hey Everyone! I am Courtney Ripoll-McBride! I am the host of Ripollsworkshop Reads.

I love to read and now average a book a day. It has not always been this way though. I did not really start to read until around the third grade when I struggled my way through the first Harry Potter Book. After I got into that series it evolved and I now read all different types of books.

We started this podcast to help share the love of reading and embrace YOUR escape through reading.

We have some amazing authors lined up for Author Interviews already. Special Guests and weekly mini-episodes and so much more are in the works.

We are launching on November 10th, 2022 if you are interested in being on the podcast or want a say in books featured on our mini episodes check out our website… specifically the About page where you can find links to our forms…….we will link to the website in the show notes

We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Reading & Writing!