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Author Interview Moshe Goldstein

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In this weeks author interview, our host Courtney meets Moshe Goldstein who wears many hats ranging from being a Teacher, College Student, Entrepreneur, and Author! Hear about the advice he has for those looking to start writing, how old he was when the book published and more!

Episode Notes

Moshe Goldstein teaches sixty-two biology students at Ner Israel Rabbinical College. Moshe graduated Ner Israel Rabbinical College with a Bachelor’s in Talmudic Law. Currently, Goldstein is attending Towson University to attain a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. He has experience working for Technica Corporation on the AI research and development team, enhancing a network security machine learning engine that detects anomalous network packets. He has also spent time interning for an intellectual property law firm that focuses on patents and trademarks.

For his work in Computer Science, he received the Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum award and the Doris K. Lidtke Excellence in Service Award for outstanding excellence in Computer Science at Towson University. Moshe has served as a panelist for Towson University open houses discussing his journey into Cyber Security and Mathematics. 

His hobbies are playing piano, reading, helping others and staying curious. He is an EMT with membership in a local EMS organization. Moshe believes that the best time to start is when you are younger and wants to encourage more people to go after their dreams. 

Moshe decided to write this book because of his passion for helping others. He wants to support and encourage young people to create something for their own. In this vein, Moshe wants to change the way people perceive starting businesses and encourage more people to do so.

Often described as a creative and out-of-the box thinker, there is no problem that he is not willing to take head on. This passion drives him to relentlessly pursue not just the easy answer; but to find long lasting solutions to problems. Having a well-rounded experience of many different subjects allows Moshe to understand the daily struggles of all people and come up with solutions to problems that are laser focused. Overall, Moshe loves to see people succeed.

00:15 Introduction
0:29 What is your book about?
0:55 What inspired you to write your own book?
2:22 Who is your book for?
3:00 How long have you been writing?
3:37 What is your schedule when you're writing a book?
5:06 Is there anything you need in your writing space to help you stay focused?
5:43 Any favorite drinks or snacks when writing?
5:46 What are some books you personally enjoy reading?
6:04 Any books or authors that inspired you to become an author?
6:56 What were some of your favorite books reading growing up?
7:36 As an adult what are some of your favorite series or authors?
8:07 Do you have any advice for someone just starting to read again?
8:46 Do you have any advice for someone wanting to write their first book?
10:52 Any additional Comments?
12:56 Where can our audience connect with you?

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