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Author Interview with Christen Horne and Jacob Wise

Episode Summary

Welcome to this weeks author interview with Christen Horn and Jacob Wise. Learn about what inspired them to piece together their upcoming books, hear about the advice they have for those aspiring to become a writer themselves!

Episode Notes

Christen is, and always has been, a storyteller. She started with singing and musical theatre at the age of five, and went on to earn two music degrees. Fictional books (mostly fantasy, some sci-fi) were her best friends growing up and continue to be a huge part of her life. The earliest books she remembers reading are the Jewel Kingdom books and the Jedi Apprentice Star Wars books. By day she teaches singing to both advanced and beginners (including people who think they can't sing). By night she's either hanging out with her family or happily chronicling the events of her first fantasy novels.

Jacob has always been interested in new worlds. Role-playing games have always been his favorite. He was introduced to Heinlein, Tolkien, and Weis & Hickman early in his reading life. His ‘normal’ career is in financial advice; but at night he develops digital maps, runs Dungeons and Dragons games, and is working toward voiceover work.

00:15 Introduction
1:50 About your book?
3:20 What inspired you to write your book?
6:00 Can you go over what Dungeons and Dragons is to our listeners who don't know?
7:20 Who is your book for?
9:40 How long have you been writing & What made you sit down and write?
14:23 What's your schedule like when you are both writing your book?
21:40 Do you have a favorite writing snack or drink?
23:15 What type of books do you enjoy reading?
27:00 Are there any books or authors that inspired you to become an author?
30:15 What type of books of books did you grow up reading?
35:00 As an adult do you have a favorite series or author?
37:00 What would you tell someone just starting to read again?
40:20 What advice do you have for someone just starting to write?
49:40 Where is the best place our listeners can connect with you?

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