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Author Interview with Kelly Desclos-Estes

Episode Summary

Sit back and relax as our host Courtney Ripoll-McBride interviews this week’s author Kelly Desclos-Estes author of “Cats With a Box”. We’ll be going over her children’s book, Her aspirations, advice for readers and writers, and what her schedule looks like!

Episode Notes

Kelly is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and is master’s level Counselor. Kelly has worked with children, teens, and adults; helping them see different perspectives, and gain independence. She is a contributing writer to churches and non-profits. A life-long rescue cat “Mom” Kelly enjoys sharing stories about her “fur” babies with others.


00:18 Introduction

3:00    What is the book about? 

5:52    Who is the book for? 

8:46    What’s your schedule when writing? 

10:22 Are there any absolute needs when writing to stay focused? 

11:06 Favorite Drink or Snack when writing? 

11:50  Books you currently enjoy reading? 

13:37 Any Books or Authors that have inspired you? 

15:19 What types of Books did you grow up reading? Was there a Favorite? 

16:24 As an adult favorite series or author? 

17:50 Advise for those just picking reading back up?

18:55 Advise for those aspiring to write?

20:59 What are some generally surprised about you?

23:40 Connecting with the Author

Connect with Kelly Desclos-Estes


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