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Author Interview with Kelly Kelsey

Episode Summary

Happy Thursday! Welcome to our Author Interview Episode. Today our host Courtney Mae is interviewing Kelly Kelsey from the UK. Listen in as she talks about her book "Sweet Temptation", provide some advice to our listeners who are just starting to write their own book. Some of her favorite books to read growing up and now.

Episode Notes

Kelly Kelsey's author journey began in 2020 when the world's pandemic landed at our doors. Within her time, Kelly explored her creativity and found love with writing romance with a twist (oh and maybe Taboo tropes too)!


00:20 Introduction

00:55 About your Books

2:55 What inspired you to write your books?

5:40 Who are your books for?

7:10 How long have you been writing?

8:00 What got you to really sit down and write?

8:40 Any specific schedule you follow when writing?

9:15 Anything you absolutely need in your writing space?

9:45 Any favorite drink or snack when writing?

10:10 Any books you enjoy writing?

11:40 Any books or authors that inspired you to begin writing?

12:40 Growing up what type of books did you read?

13:25 Now as an adult what type of books do you read?

14:20 Advice to someone just starting to read again?

15:00 Advice to someone just starting to write their own book?

16:35 Where can our audience connect with you?


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