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Author Interview with Mark Anthony Powers

Episode Summary

In this episode, our host Courtney welcomes Mark Anthony Powers, learn about his books "A Breath and Mercy", "A Swarm in May", and "Natures Bite". Hear about the advice he shares for those aspiring readers and writers!

Episode Notes

Mark Anthony Powers grew up in the small town of West Lebanon, NH. At Cornell University, he branched out into Russian and Creative Writing while majoring in engineering. After receiving his MD from Dartmouth, he went south to the University of North Carolina for an internship and residency in Internal Medicine, followed by a fellowship in Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care Medicine. After almost forty years in clinical practice and teaching, he retired from Duke University as an Associate Professor Emeritus of Medicine and began his exploration of other parts of his brain. Writing, gardening, IT, and magic courses were just some of the enjoyment that followed. A deep dive into beekeeping led to his presidency of the county beekeeping association and certification as a Master Beekeeper. Two cups of coffee and two hours of writing most mornings produced the medical thrillers A Swarm in May, Breath and Mercy, Nature’s Bite, and Culled. 



00:15 Welcome/Intro

1:00 About your Books

7:15 Who are your books for?

10:05 How long have you been writing?

13:35 What is your schedule like when writing?

14:40 What do you need in your writing space to stay focused?

15:30 Favorite snack or drink?

16:00 Books you enjoy reading?

17:15 Any books or authors that inspired you to write?

20:30 What books did you read growing up?

25:30 Advice for someone just starting to read again

28:00 Advice for someone just starting to write?

30:00 What’s one thing someone would be surprised about you?

31:00 Any additional comments?

32:30 How can our audience connect with you?


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