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Author Interview with Rebecca Garner

Episode Summary

In this weeks Author Interview, Courtney meets with Rebecca Garner author of "Why Won't My Boobs Grow... and Other Annoyances". Dive in with Courtney learn about what inspired Rebecca to write her book, advice for those looking up to pick up reading as well as writing.

Episode Notes

Rebecca Garner is a self-proclaimed weirdo, perfectionist, and proud Hufflepuff. She wrote her debut novel, Why Won't My Boobs Grow... and Other Annoyances for her teenage self and all the teenage girls out there like her--who are just hoping to be seen, heard, and loved.


00:15 Introduction
00:41 What is your book about?
1:31 What was the inspiration to write your book?
3:21 Who is your book for?
5:34 How long have you been writing?
6:48 What made you really sit down and start writing?
8:58 What is your schedule like when your writing a book?
10:29 What do you need in your writing space to stay focused?
11:28 Favorite snack or drink?
11:53 What type of books do you personally enjoy reading?
13:02 Are there any books or authors that inspired you to become an author?
15:08 What type of books did you grow up reading and did you have an all time favorite?
16:17 As an adult do you have any favorite series or authors?
17:22 Adivice for someone just starting to read again?
18:11 Advice for someone just starting to write their own book?
19:03 Is there anything that people are generally surprised to find out about you?
21:03 Where can our listeners connect with you and find your book?

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