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Author Interview with Steve Beauchamp

Episode Summary

Welcome back to our weekly author interview! Today, our host had the delightful opportunity to chat with Steve Beauchamp, who is behind the book, "The War Within Us". Discover the inspiration that fueled his writing journey and gain valuable advice and tips for all the aspiring readers and writers out there. Happy Reading and Writing!

Episode Notes

Steve M. Beauchamp is a Published Author, Certified Ikigai Tribe coach, a lover of nature, an aspiring mountain guide, and a Continuous Improvement mentor & practitioner holding both a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a degree in Project Management. His coaching practice aims to teach and coach the concepts of building Work: Life Harmony through Continuous Improvement principles and Japanese wisdom & philosophy. By building that harmony, he has helped his clients remove barriers to their success and achieve a transformation they didn’t know was possible.


00:15 Introduction
1:15 What is your book about?
2:40 What inspired you to write your book?
4:35 Who is your book for?
5:55 How long have you been writing and, what made you sit down and write your book?
9:36 What's your schedule like when writing?
12:40 What do you need in your writing space to stay focused?
14:20 Favorite writing snack or drink?
15:10 What type of books do you personally enjoy reading?
16:25 Are there any books or authors that inspired you to become a writer?
17:30 What types of books did you grow up reading, and did you have an all time favorite?
18:20 Now as an adult what are some of your favorite books?
20:25 Advice for someone just starting to read again?
22:25 Advice for someone just starting to write their own book?
24:20 Is there anything people are generally surprised to find out about you?
25:35 Any additional comments?
26:15 Where's the best place our listeners can connect with you?


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