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Special Guest episode with Alex Clark

Episode Summary

Welcome to this months special guest episode! Today our host Courtney welcomes Alex Clark Illustrator of "Cora and the Moon" By Casey Bowers. Alex Clark is Creative Director & Illustrator. Outside of his primary career, Alex is known to illustrate Graphic Novels, Children Stories, as well as creating his own graphic novels.

Episode Notes


00:15 Introduction

00:40 Techniques and Resources utilized

01:50 Books that you have  authored

2:38 How do you get inspired to produce the piece of art?

4:15 Favorite Medium to use?

5:50 How long have you been illustrating?

6:45 What is one thing you need to help you stay focused?

7:45 Any favorite snacks or drinks?

8:30 Types of books you personally enjoy?

10:00 Books that you enjoy illustrating?

11:15 What is your favorite creation from your portfolio?

13:10 How long do your typical projects take?

14:15 Any advice to someone just reading again?

15:30 Advice for those just starting to write a book or illustrate a book?

20:00 What would you tell a parent of a child who loves the arts but the parent might not understand it?

22:05 How can our audience connect with you?









Connect With Alex Clark

Cora and the Moon
When I Grow Up



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